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Ion Audio's Scratch 2 Go can turn you into a suction-cup DJ (hands-on)

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Gallery Photo: Ion Audio Scratch 2 Go DJ hands-on images
Gallery Photo: Ion Audio Scratch 2 Go DJ hands-on images

Last year at CES Ion Audio showed off an iPad hardware peripheral to give aspiring DJs a better way to control music on their tablets, and this year the company is back with another approach — using suction cups. Scratch 2 Go is a set of controls that users physically stick onto the face of their iPad, giving them a tactile experience without taking their fingers off the screen. Five different controls are provided: a crossbar for switching between tracks, two scrubbers for scratching your favorite MP3s, and two pairs of control knobs, ideally suited for controlling the EQ of each respective track.

Under each controller there's a small nub, similar to what you'd see on a stylus — so they're basically just replicating what touching the screen with your finger would do. This opens up what kind of DJ apps you can use the controls with — anything that has knobs and turntables that line up should work — though Ion Audio does offer its own iDJ 2 Go app. The controls stick easily enough to the surface of the device, and seem to offer just the right amount of resistance when removing them; not enough to get knocked off too easily, but not so strong that you'll be deterred from yanking them off if you want to watch a movie on your iPad.

That said, this obviously isn't an accessory package for serious musicians, but if you're looking for a goofy bit of fun, these could be just the ticket. The Scratch 2 Go package will be available this spring for $29.