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Globatrac's $49.99 Trakdot is like a cheap LoJack for your luggage (hands-on)

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Gallery Photo: GlobaTrac Trackdot hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: GlobaTrac Trackdot hands-on photos

A company named GlobaTrac has unveiled one of the most interesting devices we've seen tonight at CES Unveiled: the Trakdot luggage tracker. The Trakdot itself is a small, black and orange plastic device with a GSM radio and space for two AA batteries — but it doesn't need more than those essentials; after being placed in your luggage, the device can send alerts to your smartphone whenever it arrives at an airport gate around the world. So, for instance, if your bag full of precious diamonds arrives in Atlanta, Georgia instead of your intended destination of New York City, your smartphone will receive a message letting you know about the mix-up. GlobaTrac says it has its own wireless spectrum which will power the system.

Fortunately, the Trakdot isn't too far out of reach — the company says it will be available sometime in March for a price of $49.99. The service requires a one-time $8.99 activation fee, and a modest annual fee of $12.99. For frequent travelers, it seems like a bargain for the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where your belongings are in the world.