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Lowe's adds the elderly to the list of things taken care of by its home management system

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lowes iris care
lowes iris care

Launched earlier this year, Lowe's Iris management system presented homeowners with a way to remotely monitor and control their thermostat, set up motion-triggered alarms, and even receive text messages when specific events occur, such as when children come home from school. Now the hardware retailer has added yet another level of security to its already robust system with Iris Care. As explained by Gizmodo, Iris Care utilizes the system's cameras and sensors to monitor "aging adults," and lets owners receive notifications via phone, text, or email when a loved one falls or stops moving for an abnormal period of time with the help of a $29.99 Iris Senior Pendant. In addition to the cost of one of Lowe's Iris starter kits, the premium service starts at $9.99 a month, with Care costing and extra $4.99 per month — a small price to pay to know that elders are being watched after when no one else is home.