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Roku's streaming ecosystem grows with new channels from Fox, PBS, Vevo, and more

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roku 560
roku 560

Roku today announced a number of partnerships that will bring new content to its streaming platform. Nine new video channels are now available, with standouts including Blockbuster On Demand, Fox Now, PBS, Vevo, Syfy, and Dailymotion. On the audio side, Roku is highlighting the recent additions of Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Amazon's Cloud Player to its channel lineup — which it claims now exceeds 700. Further, the company is expanding its casual gaming efforts with three new titles Big Fish Unlimited, Danger Derby, and Family Solitaire. No, those won't be pulling gamers away from consoles (or even their smartphones) anytime soon, but they're there regardless.

Additionally, the company is bringing on new manufacturers as part of its Roku Ready program, wherein companies ship TVs with an included Roku Streaming Stick for quick access to streaming content. Coby, Harman, and Westinghouse are among the partners that have signed on to support Roku's connected platform as higher-end TV manufacturers continue pushing their own smart TV services.