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iHeartRadio announces apps for GM and Chrysler cars, continues to dominate the automotive space

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iheartradio car player
iheartradio car player

Popular digital radio service iHeartRadio continues its automotive conquest today by launching a safety-geared iHeartAuto app and adding its original app to upcoming GM and Chrysler vehicles. The new iHeartAuto service aims to make interacting with the app simpler, and will allow users to create custom stations and even thumb up or thumb down tracks while driving. Beginning this year, iHeartRadio will be available in Chrysler vehicles with Uconnect Access Via Mobile, and can be accessed using the dashboard touch screen after pairing the Uconnect app with an iOS or Android smartphone. Certain GM vehicles will integrate with the app starting next year. With this expansion, iHeartRadio will be available in a rather impressive array of vehicles from GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, and Ford, and is obviously looking to expand further with the launch of its safety-conscious, developer-friendly iHeartAuto app.