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Walmart will let shoppers convert DVDs to UltraViolet digital copies without leaving home

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Walmart Disc to Digital
Walmart Disc to Digital

Walmart first launched its disc-to-digital initiative last year, allowing customers to bring a DVD collection to any of the retailer's stores and pay to receive UltraViolet digital copies of their movies. But soon the company is going to let you complete the entire process from home; no more inconvenient visits to Walmart's Photo Center (which handles disc-to-digital) will be necessary.

No need to leave the house anymore

You'll simply need to log onto Vudu and download an app which handles authentication; Walmart says the software checks to ensure that the disc in your computer is a retail copy and not sourced from rental vendors like Redbox or Netflix. After selecting the movies you'd like digital copies of (and assuming Vudu's disc-to-digital catalog contains the content in question) you'll immediately get a copy in your UltraViolet locker. You get to keep your original disc, of course, and also won't have to deal the unsightly stamp Walmart applies in-store. From there the movie will be available for streaming (or download) from any UV-compatible application.


Pricing remains unchanged: a standard definition copy of a DVD will run you $2, with an HD upgrade demanding a bit more at $5. Blu-rays are also eligible for disc-to-digital and prove to be the better option since you pay $2 for a high-def version.

Will it help UltraViolet gain traction?

Walmart's new process may be convenient, but it's also necessary for UltraViolet to have any chance of becoming a central, cloud-based hub for your entire movie collection. And make no mistake: that continues to be the ultimate ambition here. We expect UltraViolet to have a significant presence CES, so stay tuned for the latest news on the platform throughout the entire week.