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HP's Pocket Playlist can record from Netflix and Hulu, stream to five devices

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hp pocket playlist
hp pocket playlist

HP has announced the Pocket Playlist, a device that can store and stream content to up to five mobile devices at the same time. The Pocket Playlist, which can hold up to 16 full-length movies or 7,600 songs, can stream movies, shows, music, and photos to iOS, Android, and Windows handsets using Wi-Fi. The device also comes with a one-month subscription for PlayLater, an app that allows you to record online content for later, offline viewing. While the Pocket Playlist may be a great way to share content with nearby friends, for traveling, or as a way to aggregate content from various sources, DVR for content that's consistently available online may not catch on quite as well as DVR for live television did. A continued subscription to PlayLater is $29.99 annually, and you can pick up the Pocket Playlist for $129 starting February 15th.