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Panasonic announces new wireless and Lightning-compatible stereos and speakers

panasonic logo ces 1020
panasonic logo ces 1020

Panasonic has announced that it will be releasing a new line of stereo components and mobile streaming apps in the coming months. The SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker is made to pair with tablets, and is built to have slates rest upon it, as opposed to docking them, providing support for devices of varying sizes. Connectivity is handled through Bluetooth and sound is pushed through a 2.1-channel system. Panasonic has yet to reveal the price of the SC-NP10, but the speaker will be available starting April 2013.

The NE series wireless speaker models feature a sub woofer and cone speakers built with bamboo fibers, with the top model, the NE5, equipped with a Lightning connector and wireless connectivity via AirPlay, DLNA, and Bluetooth. The HC58 micro stereo system utilizes the same cone speakers, as well as enhanced surround sound features and AirPlay capabilities. The HC58 and HC38 models include Bluetooth connectivity, but those looking for another Lightning connector dock will have to opt for the HC28. Both the NE and HC series will be sold starting March of 2013, although pricing has yet to be announced for either. Panasonic's Music Streaming App joins the new lineup for both Android and iOS users, and will let music lovers easily stream music from their devices to most versions of the NE speakers and HC stereos.