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Panasonic announces wireless bone conduction headphones, but they won't launch until fall of 2013

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panasonic bone conduction
panasonic bone conduction

Bone conduction technology is starting to make its way into more consumer devices, and Panasonic's piggybacking on the trend with its new RP-BTGS10 bone conduction headphones. Similar to the bone conduction phone we saw last CES, Panasonic's new headphones sit on the outside of your ear and vibrate the tissue surrounding your ear canal and auditory nerve to provide sound. One of the benefits of such technology is that it provides excellent sound quality while still allowing users to hear ambient sound, unlike earbuds that sit deep inside your ear. Panasonic is even including a bone conduction mic, which picks up the vibrations of a user's voice.

Panasonic appears to be targeting these headphones at active users — it notes that they're drip-profile for users who may sweat while working out, and the Bluetooth capabilities mean that there aren't any cords to worry about. As they don't block out as much ambient noise as some isolation headphones, they're also safer for people jogging or biking through a city. While we'll be able to check these headphones out on the CES show floor, there's unfortunately no pricing info yet — and the headphones won't be available until fall of 2013.