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Panasonic shows Miracast support with new streaming boxes and Blu-ray players

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Panasonic TV remote (STOCK)
Panasonic TV remote (STOCK)

Devices like the Galaxy S III and Nexus 4 have already adopted Miracast as a solution for wireless media streaming, but without any boxes to beam content to the standard won't have much chance of rivaling Apple's AirPlay platform. Panasonic is aiming to do something about that at this year's CES, announcing a total of four new products that support Miracast streaming.

The MST60 and MS10 streaming boxes, the former of which is 3D-capable, are also DNLA certified, while the BDT330 and BDT230 3D Blu-ray players both allow for display mirroring. There's still a long way to go for Miracast to gain the level of traction it needs, but we do expect to see a few more similar announcements this week at CES.