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Craigslist extends its map view to yard sales and flea markets

craigslist maps stock 1020
craigslist maps stock 1020

Craigslist is expanding its map-based listings to yard sales and flea markets, reports TechCrunch. In order to find a group selling event near you, just click the map view after you run an appropriate search (assuming the feature is live in your city), and you’ll be presented with a map with the relevant entries pinned for your perusal.

The company’s map view was originally launched for apartment listings back in October, following months of legal bickering with PadMapper over what constitutes fair use of its listings data. It’s still not clear whether Craigslist plans to expand the feature to other kinds of listings, but given what we’ve seen over the past few months, it looks like the company’s historically complacent attitude toward innovation is coming to an end.