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Delphi's Connected Car device lets you remotely track and monitor your vehicle

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delphi connected car
delphi connected car

Delphi and Verizon this week unveiled their new Car Connect device — a small device that allows users to remotely monitor, control, and track their vehicles. Announced at CES this week, the Bluetooth-enabled Car Connect plugs into a car's OBD2 port (typically located under the dashboard), and includes a CDMA data connection to Verizon's network. Once the device is installed, drivers can download an accompanying smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS) that allows them to monitor their vehicle's fuel levels, engine temperature, and other vital signs. The app will also notify drivers of any error codes that may prompt them to check their engines.

The Car Connect's GPS chip, meanwhile, allows users to track their car's location in real-time, while providing alerts whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, or if the car ventures beyond a pre-determined geographical range — features that may be particularly appealing for protective parents. The app also serves as a fob key capable of locking and unlocking a car from afar, or remotely starting its engine.

The Car Connect will ship on a two-year data contract, though Delphi has yet to announce a specific price or release date.