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Sony's $299 Personal Content Station acts as a storage hub for your photos and videos

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Sony today unveiled the Personal Content Station, and in this case the product's name should clue you in on exactly what it does. The device is a networked hub where Sony hopes you'll feel comfortable storing all of your pictures and videos. After you've loaded that content onto the $299 hardware you'll be able to view and share files to social networks and unspecified cloud services. Files can be transferred to the Content Station from smartphones and tablets, a process made easier (on supported devices) with one-touch transfer through NFC. Data can also be moved over USB, memory cards, and Wi-Fi.

Sony's also highlighting the deep management capabilities of the Personal Content Station. It says the unit provides "centralized control" over your precious visual memories, even if those files are located across numerous devices. If the experience is truly as seamless as Sony suggests, its not hard to see the appeal of the Personal Content Station. You'll be able to find out for yourself when it's released in June.