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Canon's pocket-sized PowerShot N bridges the gap between your smartphone and a 'real' camera

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Canon Powershot N
Canon Powershot N

Canon's new PowerShot N is the camera you keep in your pocket when you want something more powerful and versatile than a smartphone. It's a little guy, just 3.09 inches wide and 2.37 inches tall with a 2.8-inch touchscreen that tilts 90 degrees to line up pictures at indirect angles. The N also features both Wi-Fi and a new "Mobile Device Connect" button, a kind of smartphone tethering for instant mobile uploads. Once it's set up, users can just press the button, launch the app on their Android or iOS device, and wirelessly stream pictures and video from the camera to their mobile device. Finally, the CreativeECO Mode puts the camera's display to sleep when idle to preserve battery life.

Clearly, Canon wants to provide everything a smartphone app offers and more; the PowerShot N tips the hardware and software roadmap they're following to do it. The camera also has the usual PowerShot goodies (12.1 megapixel sensor, 28mm wide-angle 8x optical zoom lens, micro SD storage) and will be available in April 2013 in white or black for $299 retail.