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CubeX 3D printer can create parts 'as big as a basketball'

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The new CubeX 3D printer from 3D Systems may have a steep $2,499 price tag, but the company is hoping two factors will make you overlook the cost: size and speed. Not only can the CubeX print parts that are "as big as a basketball" (there's 1,070 cubic inches of space), but the company also claims that it can do so two times faster than competing printers in its class. It also offers a good amount of flexibility, letting users print on either PLA or ABS plastics, while choosing between three different levels of accuracy, ranging from high definition (125 micron) to standard definition (500 micron). 3D Systems also claims that it's relatively easy to use: you can simply print new objects using either a USB flash drive or by connecting to your computer. Pre-orders are available now, and the company plans to start shipping out the CubeX to users on February 8th.