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AT&T's Digital Life home automation system launching in March

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AT&T Digital Life
AT&T Digital Life

AT&T has just announced availability information for its Digital Life home automation and security system. The carrier will be making the system available starting from March, allowing customers to monitor their homes as well as control thermostats and lock doors. Any "web-enabled" device will be able to control the system including smartphones, tablets, and PCs and it won’t require an AT&T phone or broadband subscription.

Several different packages will be available depending on the type of coverage required. Video packages, for instance, will give live feeds of the inside and outside of homes, while water packages will monitor for any leaks. The carrier began testing Digital Life over the summer in Dallas and Atlanta, but the national rollout will be limited to begin with. AT&T says that the system will be available in eight markets at launch, with 50 more planned for 2013.