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OKCupid tech will power match-ups between teachers and students on

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Programming bookshelf (1020)
Programming bookshelf (1020)

IAC — the company that owns connection-based sites including, OKCupid, and HomeAdvisor — announced that it will soon be pairing teachers and students the same way it pairs couples using the newly acquired The education-focused service previously relied on contracts with libraries, colleges, and the US Military to match students with tutors, but IAC intends to market the service directly to parents and students, The New York Times reports. The new will provide educational services in math, writing, science, and other subjects for kindergarteners through college students. Because the internet has already revolutionized so many of our interpersonal interactions, it's no surprise to see more aspects of education moving into an online environment, where it's easier for students and tutors to connect and foster knowledge.