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Fujifilm's X100s and X20 will launch in late March at $1299.95 and $599.95 (update: hands-on photos)

Fujifilm's X100s and X20 will launch in late March at $1299.95 and $599.95 (update: hands-on photos)

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We're live at Fujifilm's CES 2013 press conference, and the company just announced pricing and availability for its X100s and X20 rangefinder-style cameras. The X100s will cost $1299.95 while the X20 will cost $599.95, and both will be available at the end of March. As we learned the other day, the X100s has been updated with a new 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor, as well as a faster processor, the EXR II. Fujifilm promises the sensor will allow for autofocus of .08 seconds, and that with the processor, it will produce dramatically better resolution and noise reduction. The X20, meanwhile, offers a 12 megapixel 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor and the same processor as the X100S. The X100s features the same 23mm f/2 lens that its predecessor included, while the X20 features an f/2.0 - f/2.8 manual barrel zoom lens. We're looking to try the cameras our for ourselves and will have impressions soon!

Update: We just got a chance to handle Fujifilm's brand-new X100s and X20 cameras — they feel much like their predecessors, but come with all-new internals. The cameras feel unsurprisingly solid and well-built, like all of Fuji's previous X-series cameras. The real differences will reveal themselves over more extended usage, but at first glance they certainly keep up the high hardware and build quality standards of the X-series.

Update 2: A Fujifilm executive just showed us how the new "digital split image" display on the X100s rear viewfinder works — it looks like a major improvement over the standard process for manual focus when you're using an LCD viewfinder. Check it out below.