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Ford Sync adds Rhapsody to its list of compatible music streaming apps

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ford rhapsody integration
ford rhapsody integration

Owners of Ford vehicles equipped with Sync can now enjoy their favorite driving tunes with the help of new Rhapsody integration. Announced today, drivers and passengers can sync their smartphones running Rhapsody to the vehicle's audio system via Bluetooth, and can use voice commands or steering wheel radio buttons to control the app. Rhapsody pointed out that its paid members already use the app for 40 percent of their in-car audio entertainment, so there is at least a demand for connectivity from within its own subscribers.

Ford and Rhapsody aren't the only ones making the push to connect music apps with cars and trucks — it was recently announced that GM and Chrysler will be integrate Pandora, Slacker Radio, and iHeartRadio into their vehicles in the near future as well. Ford Sync already works with Pandora and iHeartRadio, and the addition of Rhapsody should be a clear sign that American car manufacturers are determined to use app connectivity as a selling point for their vehicles.