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Netgear enters the Google TV set-top box market with the NeoTV Prime

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Netgear NeoTV Prime
Netgear NeoTV Prime

Netgear is throwing its hat into the Google TV set-top box ring with the launch of the NeoTV Prime. The new box from Netgear looks to be a standard Google TV offering, allowing access to Chrome, Flash, and the Play Store. Naturally, other streaming services from the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and HBO are supported, with Google’s own movie and TV store rounding out a healthy choice in content. Netgear has tweaked the remote control slightly, though. The company has added a "My Media" button along with shortcuts to the more popular streaming services that will kick watchers straight into the relevant app when pressed. The NeoTV prime will be available starting from today for $129.99, sitting in between the Vizio Co-Star and Sony NSZ-GS7 in terms of price.