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Intel unveils fourth-generation Intel Core processor with 'all-day battery life'

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Intel is launching its latest Intel Core processor today at CES 2013. Formerly known as Haswell, the latest Intel chip will bring all-day battery life to the latest ultrabooks. Intel says this will equate to around 9 hours of continuous battery life on new systems. This new chipset is designed for a new ultrabook detachable reference design codenamed North Cape that converts into a 10mm tablet which will run up to 13 hours while docked.

Intel showed off a reference design on stage that has a battery both underneath the keyboard and behind the display on a Core i5 / i7 system. Along with the new reference design, Intel says ultrabooks will require touch input for fourth-generation Core systems. Intel didn't provide exact timings on when systems will arrive with its latest processors, but expect to see them regularly in new Windows 8-powered devices throughout 2013.