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181,000 Twitter users think they're really good at using Twitter

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Twitter mobile promoted tweet android

Millions of people use Twitter on a regular basis, but how many of them are bona fide masters of the microblogging medium? If you ask them, more than 181,000. That's according to new data from internet marketing strategist B.L. Ochman, who recently found that as of January 2013, no less than 181,354 Twitter users include the phrase "social media" in their bios. Of these users, nearly 22,000 identify as "social media mavens," 21,800 consider themselves "social media ninjas," and 20,000 think of themselves as "social media evangelists."

Granted, it's difficult to extract too much meaning from these statistics without putting these bios in proper context, though they do offer some insight into what bits of personal information Twitter users choose to share with others. After all, user bios remain limited to 140 characters, which makes it rather difficult to share your life's story. And recent trends indicate that the number of self-declared experts is only on the rise. When Ochman began following these statistics in 2009, for instance, just 16,000 identified as social media masters, though Twitter's overall user base was undoubtedly smaller back then, as well. Perhaps the only hard takeaway, then, is that social media users really like talking about social media.