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Samsung estimates $53 billion in revenue and over $8 billion profit in last quarter of 2012

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samsung stock buildings
samsung stock buildings

Samsung has released its first earnings estimates for the fourth quarter of 2012, as it has done in previous quarters — and once again, news is good. The company says it's sold about 56 trillion won ($52.7 billion) worth of total goods, with around 8.8 trillion won ($8.3 billion) in profit. According to its own numbers, that's up from about 8 trillion won in profit during Q3 and 5.2 trillion won in Q4 of 2011. We don't yet have any indication of how many devices it's shipped, though it once again touted 30 million sales of the Galaxy S III during its conference today at CES.

Samsung is going up against Apple in many ways, and sales figures are no exception. In the last figures it released, Apple posted an $8.2 billion profit on $36 billion in revenue — less than Samsung saw, but also consolidated into fewer categories and with a significantly higher profit margin. Over the full year, Samsung says it's taken in 201 trillion won ($188 billion) and 29 trillion won ($27 billion) in profits.