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Ford opens up Sync AppLink platform, says it's 'exploring' turning it into a standard

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Ford Sync BeCouply
Ford Sync BeCouply

Ford announced at its CES media event this afternoon that it wants to reduce the number of platforms developers need to target in the nascent car-to-smartphone integration market, and to do that, it's contributing its Sync AppLink system — a staple of modern Ford cars — to the public domain with the intention of "exploring" turning it into a standard. Sync has become so thoroughly synonymous with Ford in recent years that it's difficult to imagine other car companies adopting a key component of it, but regardless, it's a bold move for an industry not historically known for its tech prowess.

No announcements have been made by other automakers pledging interest or support, but the year is young: the trend-setting North American International Auto Show is just days away.