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Verizon announces its next-generation FiOS TV Media Server

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Verizon FiOS TV Media Server
Verizon FiOS TV Media Server

Verizon let slip about a year ago that a media server for FiOS customers was coming, and the company has finally served up some more information. The Motorola Medios+ VMS1100 works just like current FiOS set-top boxes, but it's also designed to pipe television to four additional boxes across the home. Subscribers will be able to record up to six programs at once, with a 1TB hard drive helping to store saved content. Right now, any additional TVs looking to play content from the server will have to be connected to client boxes over regular coaxial cable. The clients will cut down on space, though: Verizon says the boxes are around the "size of a paperback novel."

The new hardware will also bring some performance improvements over Verizon’s existing set-top boxes, as well as a revised user interface dubbed DreamGallery that will help viewers get to their content faster. Better yet, the VMS1100 will also play nice with iPads, the Xbox 360, and an assortment of Smart TVs. It's great to see Verizon finally fleshing out details of its new media server, but unfortunately it’s still playing coy about pricing and availability.