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Logitech, Ouya, and others try to build an Internet of Things Consortium

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Internet of Things Consortium logo
Internet of Things Consortium logo

Ten companies are using the spotlight of CES to announce the formation of the Internet of Things Consortium, a nonprofit group that aims to facilitate cooperation between hardware and software providers in the tech industry. "The IoT Consortium is primarily focused on those Internet enabled devices and related software services that directly touch consumers in the form of home automation, entertainment, and productivity," says the group's newly-launched website. Apart from Logitech and Kickstarter favorite Ouya, most of the members are lesser known startups. Jason Johnson, who himself formerly headed up the Wireless VoIP Consortium, has been tasked with leading the group's initiatives — he tells TechCrunch that IoT meetings will resemble those of traditional standards bodies. Among IoT's lofty goals is "to see billions of connected devices that benefit from communication with other devices and services."