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Asus VivoTab Smart aims for Surface with full Windows 8, but misses the target

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Asus VivoTab Smart
Asus VivoTab Smart

Asus has its latest Windows 8 devices at CES 2013 and one of the stars is the VivoTab Smart. With a Surface-like keyboard cover, this 10.1-inch tablet is powered by Intel's Atom Z2760 dual-core meaning it runs a full version of Windows 8. At the back there's a stand that props the tablet up in a similar way to the Surface, but the removable keyboard here works without a physical connection thanks to Bluetooth.

It's one of the more crazy Windows 8-capable tablets out there, but it's not exactly easy to use. I tested one out and the magnets regularly lost contact during operation. Like Microsoft, Asus has taken a unique approach to this tablet, but it will likely confuse end users who are attempting to flip it around and seat the keyboard in place. There's a variety of colors for the stand cover and the keyboard is a separate part that connects to the cover with magnets. It's a solid effort from Asus, but in practice it needs some more work. We're still waiting on the best Windows 8 hybrid / tablet.