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First footage of Giant Squid will air on the Discovery Channel on January 27th

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Monsters on Earth, deep in the Pacific Ocean

Giant Squid

A team of scientists from Japan's National Science Museum have been searching for a Giant Squid for a long time. Failed attempts to catch it on film in 2006 and early 2012 have been followed up by success, announced last week. The creature, which has been the subject of myths for hundreds of years, and known in Nordic myth as a "Kraken," has finally been successfully caught on film in its natural, deep sea habitat, and will be the subject of a show to air on the Discovery Channel on January 27th.

The squid which will appear in Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real was missing two of its longest arms, according to researcher Tsunemi Kubodera, who was part of a mission in 2006 which hooked one of the creatures and filmed it in shallower waters. He said if its missing arms had been in tact, the creature would have measured more than 26 feet (8 meters) in length.