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Top Shelf CES, Day 01: on Vizio phones and Fitbit Flex

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Even without a show floor to visit yet — that's tomorrow — we've had quite a day checking out brand new products at CES. And though many thought this year could be very dull, we've actually been quite surprised by what's there so far. And this is what Top Shelf is for. It's a deeper dive into the products and experience, led by David Pierce and guest-hosted today by Nilay Patel.

It's a very special episode, and not just because it's the first ever episode. David and Nilay break down Samsung's "floating" screen, Vizio's new lineup (present live at the studio), and Nvidia's Project Shield (with special guest Vlad Savov). Best of all? An exclusive first look at the Fitbit Flex wristband. And this is just the first day! Enjoy.