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Colorful cube-shaped Innocube pico projector aims to help your kids fall asleep faster

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Innocube DLP pico projector
Innocube DLP pico projector

We're on the floor of Pepcom here at CES 2013, and Texas Instruments is showcasing a number of new pico projectors that utilize DLP technology. One such device is actually aimed at the younger crowd; it's a tiny, cube-shaped projector from Innocube meant to help children relax (and perhaps fall asleep faster) by beaming their favorite shows onto a nearby wall or ceiling. But despite the age group that will most often be viewing its output, Innocube's projector packs impressive tech like Wi-Fi streaming and even an MHL port that can be used with compatible Android devices. A thick rubber casing provides protection from bumps and typical rough treatment a youngster may put the device through. The projector is currently available in China but Texas Instruments says it's headed to the US sometime in the first quarter for a price "less than $299."