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Hands-on with Toshiba's U845t touchscreen ultrabook

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Toshiba Satellite U845t hands-on
Toshiba Satellite U845t hands-on

Toshiba piqued our curiosity when it announced its affordable U845t ultrabook with a touchscreen display, so we decided to check out the laptop to see if the company was onto something. Unfortunately, adding a touchscreen doesn’t automatically equal a great experience the fundamentals of the U845t miss the mark. Touch sensitivity on the panel was good, and we didn’t have any problems navigating through Windows 8. The quality of the 14-inch 1366 x 768 display is definitely lacking, though, as poor viewing angles and questionable colors were fully present and accounted for. The touchpad also proved to be extremely frustrating to use at least people will have the fallback option of the touchscreen. The keyboard, meanwhile, seems decent, even if the keys were a little shallow for our tastes.

Otherwise this is a fairly standard ultrabook, equipped with an Ivy Bridge Core i3 or Core i5 processor, a 500GB hard drive with a 32GB SSD cache, and up to 6GB of memory. Pricing is set at $799.99, and Toshiba says the ultrabook is on track of a March 10th release.