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Pioneer's solution for in-car iPhone 5 integration is a big problem

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pioneer embargo
pioneer embargo

Pioneer is announcing a new car kit for the iPhone 5. The CD-IH202 is a $50 kit that comprises of an iOS app and 2 cables; a two-meter "automotive grade" HDMI cable and a 17-pin to USB cable. For other systems, Pioneer will offer similar kits for $100 that replace the HDMI with a VGA cable. In addition to that you'll also need to pick up (or carry to your car everyday) a Lightning to USB cable as well as a Lightning digital AV adapter. It's compatible with 13 Pioneer 2012 and 2013 systems, and will enable you to play and control Pandora internet radio as well as facilitating local playback of music and videos from the iPhone 5. If you're happy to buy three cables and an adapter to connect your iPhone to your car, Pioneer's new kits will be available this March.