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Braven 850 Bluetooth speaker will play your tunes and charge your iPad at the same time

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Braven 850 570 BRV-1 Bluetooth speakers
Braven 850 570 BRV-1 Bluetooth speakers

As we rapidly move away from speaker docks to Bluetooth devices, one feature that often gets lost in the transition is the ability to charge your mobile device in a pinch. Braven's new 850 Bluetooth speaker aims to provide the best of both worlds. Just shy of a foot long with an aluminum case, the speaker can also charge iPads, tablets, or cellphones. For those that want a full-bodied sonic experience, two 850s can actually pair with one another for a true mobile stereo set-up. That said, the features don't come cheap: the 850 will be priced at $299.99.

Rounding out the company's new products are two additional speakers. The BRV-1, priced at $169.99, is a small weatherproof speaker aimed at those that need a rugged speaker for the outdoors, and will be available in February. The $119.99 Braven 570 features 10 hours of playing time and can also charge your mobile devices. It is available in black immediately; additional colors will go on sale later in the month.