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eBay iOS app update makes it easier to sell items directly from your iPhone

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eBay for iPhone
eBay for iPhone

eBay today released a significant update to its iOS app, introducing a streamlined selling process that makes setting up auctions (or buy-it-now instant purchases) a much simpler task. Like the traditional eBay website, the iOS app will now assist you in choosing the right category for your item. It will also now offer guidance on appropriate pricing and shipping charges. The company has also improved the workflow of adding photos to your auction and is including new editing tools so you won't need to jump into another app to make your iPhone-snapped photos look their best.

Speed improvements are also in tow for those on the other end: eBay says the new version delivers a faster checkout process for buyers. Unspecified search enhancements and bug fixes round out the latest eBay for iOS update, available now for free in the iTunes App Store.