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Panasonic's wearable camera can capture your adventurous moments if you don't mind wires

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panasonic A100 wearable camera
panasonic A100 wearable camera

In addition to new rugged Lumix point-and-shoot cameras, Panasonic has announced its new HX-A100 wearable camcorder. Like other action cameras, the A100 can be mounted onto a helmet or backpack, but also features an Earhook for those with less equipment. Waterproof, dustproof, and equipped with a battery that can handle up to 140 minutes of shooting, the A100 should be able to handle most outdoor excursions without running out of juice or damaging the device.

Wi-Fi connectivity is included, allowing users to broadcast live through Ustream, and tablets or smartphone can be used to watch recordings as they happen. Image stabilization and horizon level correction is also built in. The A100's camera, however, is connected to its control unit with a wire, making it considerably less convenient than alternatives from GoPro or Liquid Image. Panasonic is taking pre-orders for the $299.99 camera now, although a solid release date has yet to be announced.