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Target will now price-match Amazon, other retailers year-round

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target 1020
target 1020

Matching Amazon's prices during the holidays is one thing, but Target today announced it plans to continue the practice on a year-round basis. The extended policy will also apply to competitors other than the internet retailer, of course, but Amazon has become the main threat when it comes to "showrooming," a process where consumers visit physical stores to get a quick peek at products before ultimately placing an order online. Target also plans to match rates from Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us if customers should find the same item priced lower there. You might expect that attempting to keep parity with Amazon's basement pricing would wreak havoc on Target's financials, but the company says that relatively few customers take advantage of the policy to begin with. Rather, it's a move intended to bolster the company's sagging retail performance.