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Entertainment trade organization asks Vice President Biden not to investigate violent media following Newtown shooting

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The Entertainment Merchants Association, a non-profit international trade association that defends the common interests of the home entertainment industry, has sent a letter (PDF) to Vice President Joe Biden asking the government not to scrutinize violent video games and movies in light of the recent Newtown school shooting. President Obama asked Biden to lead a task force around gun violence and the EMA is claiming that the many past studies into the link between violent media and gun violence will convince him that there's no need for another one. The letter notes that the FTC has authorized seven studies into the link between guns and violent entertainment, with none showing a link.

"In light of these and other reports," wrote Mark Fisher, interim president of the EMA, "we would recommend that, prior to recommending another review of this topic, the federal government take stock of its existing studies and determine what new knowledge could be generated." Given the results of past studies, it seems the EMA shouldn't have anything to fear — but there's no doubt that more scrutiny could bring some bad press. The EMA's working to meet with Biden to discuss the issue, but we'd expect another investigation will happen regardless.