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Panasonic shows off 20-inch Windows 8 tablet with insane 4K resolution

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4K's unquestionably the buzzword of CES 2013, but it's typically used in conjunction with "TV." Panasonic's taking it a different direction, though, using its keynote at the show to introduce a 20-inch Windows 8 tablet with 4K resolution. There aren't many details about the tablet just yet, save for stylus input support and a sort of real-time cloud-based collaboration tool. We've seen these display specs from Panasonic before, of course, but this is the first time we've seen it on a real product. With such a pixel-dense display, you'd get incredibly detailed control using a stylus, and most of the company's on-stage demos showed how much you can do with so many pixels. It's very much a business-focused tool, and very much not yet a consumer-ready product, but we're intrigued — finally, a display that outstrips the Retinas and 1080ps of the world.