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Panasonic targets photographers with 20-inch 4K Windows 8 tablet

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Gallery Photo: Panasonic 4K Windows 8 tablet hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Panasonic 4K Windows 8 tablet hands-on photos

Panasonic just unveiled a 4K Windows 8 tablet at CES 2013 and we've managed to get an early hands-on. The huge 20-inch tablet includes an optical stylus that allows you to navigate the Windows 8 tiled UI and touch up photos on the device. Panasonic isn't revealing exact specifications just yet, but running at at 4K resolution at its booth today it was stunning to see images on such a display.

Normally reserved for TVs, this tablet is targeted at photographers, designers, and architects according to Panasonic. A built-in Windows 8-style application imports images from a digital camera and Panasonic supplied a number of 4K images to sample the delights of the display at its booth. This is a huge tablet though, if you can call it that, so it's not exactly portable. During my early look at the device I noticed that the back of the device heats up a lot, so if this device ever makes it to the market there's still some work to be done to make this fully usable. Either way, it's a crazy 4K Windows 8 tablet, and we'll probably see a lot more of them at CES this week.