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LG pairs a Magic Remote with its new Google TV sets (hands-on)

LG pairs a Magic Remote with its new Google TV sets (hands-on)

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We just had a hands-on with LG's GA7900 and GA6400 TVs with built-in Google TV, and as you can image, it’s Google TV minus a set-top box. The interface is almost identical to every other Google TV product on the market, but LG has added a few customizations of its own, most notably a widget homescreen. It’s a pretty basic affair right now LG was showing off a standard clock but just like on Android, there’s opportunities for all kinds of widgets. Voice search also worked pretty well even on the busy show floor, with the remote clearly picking up queries and Google's excellent voice recognition correctly identifying words and phrases.

LG's Google TV hands-on photos


Navigating through the interface is handled by LG’s Magic Remote, which pairs to the TVs using Bluetooth. Viewers can then move a mouse cursor around the screen by waving the remote to the designated target, but it proved a little tricky to get to grips with in our own use most likely a sensitivity issue. We also saw a little bit of lag with the remote when pulling up the guide menu, but otherwise navigating through the menus proved to smooth and fluid. LG doesn't have pricing information for the GA7900 or GA6400, but they're on track of a Q1 release.

LG's 2013 Magic Remote hands-on


Kimber Streams contributed to this report