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Dell's 'Project Ophelia' Android-powered MHL stick turns TVs into cloud computers

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dell logo stock

Using its Wyse cloud computing technology, Dell has created "Project Ophelia"' an Android-powered stick that can turn a television or monitor into a computer when plugged in. Like Roku's Streaming Stick, Ophelia is slightly larger than a USB thumb drive, and utilizes MHL connectivity for power and data transfer. Ophelia uses Android 4 for web browsing, media playback, and accessibility to "Android Apps," although it's unclear if the device will have actual Google apps and the Google Play store. Once connected, the device can also be used with Wyse thin clients for remote computing by connecting to back-end systems from Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and others. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is also built into the stick. Project Ophelia will be available during the first half of this year; pricing has yet to be announced.