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Netflix and Samsung stream 4k video to a mysterious UHD TV

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uhd netflix
uhd netflix

At the back of Samsung's booth, the company has partnered with Neflix to show off 4K streaming on one of its UHD televisons. The video it's playing is on a loop, helpfully displaying difficult-to-stream types of video like fast-motion boxing and water fountains. Samsung tells us that this is a "beta" test, but is being quite coy about other details, including whether it's over the internet or a direct pipe to Netflix's servers. In fact, Samsung isn't even saying what kind of television this is, beyond a 65-inch UHD TV. The TV itself is mounted on an easel much like Samsung's 85-inch monster that has gathered so much attention. In other words, we could be looking at a new design language for Samsung, or at least for its UHD line.

We've gone up as close as we can to the TV and to be frank, it's difficult to tell if what little artifacting we can see is a result of the streaming or part of the video itself. It's especially impressive when it's showing the children playing in a storm of water droplets coming from the fountain — though when it was pushed that hard it started to become clear that this was streaming video, not a direct connection. Hopefully Samsung or Netflix will be more forthcoming with details soon so we can know more about the "early results of their work on 4K video.