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LG's Z360 ultrabook may just be its best yet (hands-on)

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LG Z360 ultrabook (new)
LG Z360 ultrabook (new)

We’re finally starting to see more and more ultrabooks with high resolution displays, with LG’s Z360 joining the roster with a 13.3-inch 1080p IPS panel. It looks absolutely gorgeous, with great viewing angles, an extremely high brightness, and vibrant colors. The rest of the ultrabook is nothing to sneeze at either. It’s very thin at 13.6mm, the build quality is good, and the weight has been kept down to 1.15kg that’s almost as light as a 11-inch MacBook Air. LG is using one of Intel’s new fourth-generation Core processors. The standard configuration will come with a Core i5 processor, but there will be options for Core i3 and Core i7 too. In any event, navigating through Windows 8 was extremely quick.

We weren’t particularly impressed with the keyboard or trackpad during our brief hands-on, however. Typing proved to be somewhat difficult due to the extremely shallow keys no doubt collateral damage from getting the laptop down to current thickness and layout from the Windows 8 shortcuts that LG has added. The trackpad wasn’t great either: it was hard to run a finger across surface thanks to the rough texture, multitouch proved to be finicky, and pinch-to-zoom was somewhat sluggish. Still, LG has time to work out trackpad issues before the Z360 is released, but there’s no details of when that will be or how much it will cost just yet.