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T-Mobile to offer unlimited data without annual contracts starting January 8th

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T-Mobile Unlimited 4G no contract better
T-Mobile Unlimited 4G no contract better

It may be too early to sound the death knell for unlimited data after all. T-Mobile just announced that starting tomorrow customers will be able to sign up for its Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plans without signing an annual contract. The new commitment-free rates will start at $70 per month, matching the price points of the carrier's existing monthly plans. The fact that you'll be able to ditch long-term contracts while avoiding extra fees for that freedom comes as a pleasant surprise, and will undoubtedly prompt some AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers to reassess their current predicament. The return of unlimited data has apparently proven popular among T-Mobile subscribers; the carrier says nearly half of new customers that signed up in December opted for the worry-free packages.

In separate news, company has also introduced 4G Connect, a new program which will see hardware partners integrate support for T-Mobile's data network into notebooks, tablets and ultrabooks. Dell and HP are the first manufaturers taking part in 4G Connect with the Inspiron 14z and the Pavilion dm1, respectively. Customers who buy enrolled devices will be rewarded with 200 megabytes of free T-Mobile data monthly for a specified period between 12 and 24 months, depending on how generous each manufacturer is feeling.