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Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV could sell for under $30,000, even bigger models on show at CES

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Gallery Photo:

Yesterday, Samsung one-upped producers of 84-inch 4K TVs by a hair, promising the 85-inch "world's largest" ultra high-definition TV by March. On the show floor, we've also been able to see its "floating" design up close and in three sizes: 85, 95, and an enormous 110 inches. All three screens are built into a sort of external easel, within which they can be tilted and adjusted. Besides being a pretty interesting piece of design (Samsung has placed framed pictures beside the 85-inch model to drive home the "gallery" comparison), it allows the company to install the 120-watt 2.2 speakers along the legs without worrying about the actual panel thickness.

There are a few mysteries, however, about these admittedly impressive televisions. The biggest by far is pricing: no official details have been released, and our only hint was that the 85-inch model would sell for less than $30,000 — an admittedly wide range, but one that's consistent with the $20-$25,000 we've seen for 84-inch 4K TVs. If the larger TVs go on sale, we'd expect an astronomical price, but TechRadar was told that they won't actually see production; indeed, they seem to be a niche product at best. When we asked, however, we were told that the 85-inch model was the only one announced for release — with no word at all on whether bigger ones would be coming later.