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Kickstarter takes a look back at a year of successful crowdfunding

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Kickstarter has taken a look back at last year, showcasing the crowdfunding service's triumphs in a "Best of 2012" rundown. Kickstarter's popularity has been on the rise &mdash; even though only a small number of top projects have actually shipped as promised &mdash; and the proof is in the numbers: in 2012 alone, 2,241,475 people pledged a total of $319,786,629, successfully funding 18,109 projects. Of those, the music category had the most funded projects, while games brought in the most amount of money. Kickstarter also compared this years stats to 2011, which show triple digit growth in terms of total money pledged and collected, number of backers, and number of pageviews and unique visitors. The company has also highlighted a number of memorable Kickstarter projects from 2012, like when a group of Philadelphians raised the funds to open a pizza museum and how a group of sixth-graders got the opportunity to send a camera into space.