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At 6.45mm, the Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra is the 'world's thinnest smartphone'

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alcatel one touch idol ultra
alcatel one touch idol ultra

Alcatel announced the One Touch Idol Ultra yesterday under the title of "world's slimmest smartphone," so we had to go see for ourselves what that feels like in the hand. As you'd expect from such a lofty title, the Idol Ultra is indeed a pretty skinny affair — predictably, though, the 6.45mm measurement only refers to its narrowest point, meaning that Apple's claim of "world's thinnest smartphone" for the 7.6mm iPhone 5 may well get by on a technicality. Unfortunately, the Alcatel reps on hand were unable to provide a specific measurement for the phone's thickest point, where the 8-megapixel camera sticks out quite a bit.


In any case, this is a thin phone by anyone's measure, and next to my Lumia 920 looks like it's been fully swallowed by Nokia's behemoth. It also came off well in a comparison with Samsung's Galaxy S III. The phone does feel quite well-constructed, and the orange color scheme has a certain charm; suffice to say that those who prioritize slimness in their smartphones will not be disappointed. Unless they live in the US, that is — Alcatel told us in no uncertain terms that the Idol Ultra will never make it to American shores.