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Audi rolling out its Tegra-powered infotainment systems to Asian, North American markets

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audi nvidia
audi nvidia

Audi will be rolling out its Nvidia-powered MIB modular infotainment systems to Asian and North American markets throughout this year. With the help of Nvidia's Tegra Visual Computing Module — which gives automakers a way to utilize Tegra processors in vehicle units — Audi's infotainment system can quickly access driver assistance programs, Google Maps, Earth, and other Google tools. Audi plans to include the updated MIB system with all of its new vehicles, as well as high-end navigation systems for Volkswagen automobiles. Nvidia's modular platform will also let Audi easily update processors in the future. The Visual Computing Module is currently available in the European Audi 3, as well as vehicles from major manufacturers like BMW, Tesla, and Rolls Royce.