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T-Mobile will launch refreshed Galaxy S III with LTE support

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Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery
Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery

At a CES briefing today, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray revealed to The Verge that the company will launch a refreshed version of Samsung's wildly popular Galaxy S III that features support for its upcoming LTE network — a network that has now been confirmed to launch commercially any week now. It's not yet known whether the phone will be marketed as a new, distinct model or as a silent and unadvertised swap on store shelves.

Though the Galaxy S III that's presently being offered by T-Mobile does not support LTE, the slightly newer Galaxy Note II does; Ray tells us that it'll require a "small" software update to enable it once it's available. No other LTE-capable phones have been announced by T-Mobile yet, but it's likely that we'll see some announcements as the first markets go live across the first and second quarter of the year.