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Evado Filip's location-tracking device can watch children and control their phone calls

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Gallery Photo: Evado Filip
Gallery Photo: Evado Filip

Evado Filip has announced the VivoPlay, "what is believed to be" the world's smallest location-tracking device that's designed to help parents and children keep in touch. It's a water-resistant, flexible device can be worn as a watch, or placed into custom accessories. The device uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM to display the location of children, it and allows parents to control the messages and calls they can make via a smartphone app. The company says the device is intended to give parents better control over the messages their children send and receive from others, to reduce cyber bullying, sexting, and text message charges. The device allows parents to pre-authorize up to five phone numbers for children to call or text, effectively pre-screening their communications.

The VivoPlay also offers parents the ability to establish "safety zones" to alert them if children enter or exit designated locations. The device also features an emergency button that will dial up to five pre-programmed numbers to alert those people about the child's location, and when activated, will begin to record and save audio and location information. The company says that it's working with "several" global carriers to bring the device to consumers, and will begin accepting pre-orders in Q2 2013 — but there's no price or firm release date yet.